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We here at The Callahan Croft Publishing House understand the magic of reading. We know the power that all great stories have to transport us to far off places, allow us to dream, open up our prejudices, help us to understand ourselves or our surroundings, and enable us to relate our own experiences through sharing the journeys of our favorite fictional characters.

We are an independent publishing company dedicated to the publication of high quality fiction. We are committed to promoting fiction writers whose work through story educates, inspires and empowers. We seek to publish authors who hold strong integrity and ethic in their brand or genre, and who fulfill the greatest diversity of voice and style. We work with established writers, but pride ourselves in remaining open and willing to embrace new and unpublished writers on the rise as well.

We will consider all forms of genre fiction, however our current focus is primarily on our first genre loves and interest in science fiction, fantasy, mystery and adventure. We are also highly interested in the opportunity to publish spiritually driven or inspirational motivated books of fiction. In our experience, we know that often some of the most powerful stories come from the lives of the people who lived them. We will consider all forms of autobiographical and biographical works, and/or fictionalizations of the same. We have also recently established a new interest in poetry works or collections, and will review submissions in this area for publication consideration.

We do not publish self-help, teen focus, horror, or instructional manuals, and while we we will continue to accept submissions for review by literary agent only, we are now limiting our representation of non-fiction, humorist and short stories, novellas or novelettes.