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You may have created a prize worthy manuscript but until it is properly prepared for publishing you do not have a product. There are pitfalls many authors and publishers encounter when trying to format from Word files for example. This program likes to slip code into your document, making it important to convert your work to HTML. Layout and formatting are just as important in the creation of a professional and marketable finished product as are the creative aspects. Whether you are producing a hard bound or paperback book, or an electronic product for platforms such as Kindle or other e-readers, our book formatting services are designed to assist authors and publishers in transforming their vision of a final product into a reality ready for commercial trade.

Formatting services include basic print layout with images. Fiction and non-fiction books, or more complex non-fiction manuscripts, generally have different needs. We’ll arrange the foreward (or introduction,) epilogue (or afterword,) prologue, credits, title page, table of contents, images, graphs, lists, tables, page numbers, headline, chapter numbers and style, paragraph structure, subheadings, footnotes, endnotes, text boxes, block quotes, bibliography, reference guide, acknowledgements, author highlight page, etc.

Prices range and are determined by project scope, complexity, and requested turn around time. Submit a query on our Make Contact page to request a quote for your project. Please include as many upfront details as possible to help us understand the scope and complexity of your service needs.