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Editing services and expertise for creative projects include a complex distinction and set of skills. To better assist you in understanding the range of what we can provide you, we’ve broken down each area of service tailored to suit your needs. Please keep in mind that many projects may require several of the elements described below. We hope you find these distinctions useful.

Manuscript Analysis
Detailed analysis and careful appraisal of a manuscript is pivotal to its success. We’ll read your work three times through and in three different ways: our initial unbiased read, our second pass inspection paying close attention to all aspects of story components and composition, and our final pass edit to confirm and conclude our examination. We’ll be evaluating everything from the basics to the more involved, a brief example of such being: typographical errors, spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, syntax, plot development, pacing, dialogue, descriptive effect, POV. Upon completion of our analysis, you will receive a written in-depth evaluation and inked edit of our findings. We will provide you a physical inked edit of our findings and an editable word processing file to your preference.

Copy editing/Line editing
Copy editing is perhaps the most commonly known element of the editorial process and the most fundamental. This is where our focus rests solely on scrutinizing the mechanics of your writing, such as punctuation, grammar, spelling, terminology, semantics, usage, style, fact-vetting, and so on. We’ll also carefully analyze your formatting and report on any issues, or potential issues, on elements such as: general layout, gutter, heading, font, chapter titles, front and back cover text and image content, placement, spine, etc. Copy editing assists in the finesse of bringing a project to the production stage.

People often confuse proofreading with copy editing, but it is important to recognize how these two distinctly vital editorial skills differ from one another. The proofread could best be described as the "dress rehearsal" for publication and is conducted on a version of final form known as "the proof," whereas copy editing is performed on a typed printed copy still in the layout stage. The goal is not revision but correction. In proofreading we are primarily focused on elements such as: continuity, page numbering, end-of-line breaks, page breaks, level heads, headers, widows, cross-references, and any last detection of typographical errors. Proofreading is the end game before you go to print.

Submit a query on our Make Contact page to request a quote for your project. Please include as many upfront details as possible to help us understand the scope and complexity of your service needs.