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Graphic novels have entertained and engaged audiences for generations and remain popular. However, this genre can present many problems and can be tricky to produce for successful marketing. Rhythm and panel planning is key to connecting with your readers and presenting the quality of product the expect.

Our services do not include illustration but we can help get you connected to a professional if you are not already working with one. What we provide is the storyboard aspect you need for your hybrid storytelling in word and image, panel layout, and preliminary image design to best convey your visual presentation. We'll evaluate your story structure, refining as needed. We will recommend high level techniques to improve the characterization, visual and narrative elements ultimately used. We'll also work with your illustrator to secure compelling artwork that captures the story elements and your ultimate aspiration.

Prices range and are determined by project scope, complexity, and requested turn around time. Submit a query on our Make Contact page to request a quote for your project. Please include as many upfront details as possible to help us understand the scope and complexity of your service needs.