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For your convenience, we have prepared these submission guidelines. They explain both our subject areas and the information we need to consider a manuscript for publication. Please review these Guidelines carefully before submitting anything!

The Callahan Croft Publishing House is no longer accepting unsolicited manuscripts for submission.  If you are represented by a literary agent, please submit all materials through their office.  We do request your submission follow our specific guidelines or it will not be considered.  If you would like to submit a book proposal or one page query letter, we will review but do not guarantee a response.

Our guidelines are as follows:
We would prefer a synopsis AND query to accompany your manuscript. In either case, we ask you to observe some simple submission rules. In general: We will review fiction work only in the genres of sci-fi/fantasy, action/adventure, inspirational/spiritual, experimental, humor/satire, or literary/contemporary fiction.  We have also recently broadened our interest in poetry and will review. We DO NOT publish horror, romance, gay/lesbian, short stories, novellas or novelettes.

We will review non-fiction work only in the form of autobiographical or biographical works that hold an inspirational theme.  We DO NOT publish self-help, self-exploration or how-to books.


Please inform us if this is a multiple submission, and include the number of  current submissions.

Literary agents must provide their company name, address, email address and phone number.

Include a #10 SASE for all other responses.

We will respond to manuscript submissions within 8 to 16 weeks.   We do not accept any manuscript inquires or submissions via email or facsimile. Please be aware that should we receive your manuscript in any manner other than our submissions address listed below, without an acting agent, all materials will be destroyed without notification. Should we begin our open submission program in the future, we will indicate it here.

Under the guidelines above, submission manuscripts, queries and book proposals may be sent to our mail distribution center at the following address:

The Callahan Croft Publishing House
ATTN: Manuscript Submissions
818 S.W. Third Avenue Suite 311
Portland, Oregon  97204-2405

For proper and expeditious routing, be sure to include the Attention line in the address as indicated above. Thank you.