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A creative consultant overseeing your project can be an important strategic partner for success. We will assist in the coordination and management of your goal from initial concept to print-ready proof, to market-viable product. We'll begin by orienting your goals by proposing story outlines that help capture your creative vision. We'll provide our advice and expertise in developing the finished work of art how you see it at fruition. In short, we'll extend you our skills to help you generate a professional and engaging product at the end of the process. In creative consulting, our job is to make your work shine and to help you in getting it there.

We extend consulting services in the following genres: creative nonfiction, literary and contemporary fiction, fantasy, science fiction, experimental fiction, autobiographical works, biography, trade nonfiction, historical fiction, inspirational, and poetry. We do not offer consulting services in the genre of romance, sexual liberation, exhibitionist fiction, self-help works, parental guides, scholarly projects such as dissertations, business, gardening, cooking, travel, or textbook areas.

Submit a query on our Make Contact page to request a quote for your project. Please include as many upfront details as possible to help us understand the scope and complexity of your service needs.